School Policies

School Policies

All classes are subject to a minimum enrollment of 5 students or the class will be cancelled and students given the option of a full refund or move enrollment to another session.  To meet all certification requirements and to provide an environment for success in our programs of education, the following policies will be in effect: 

Leave, Excused & Unexcused Absences, Tardiness

1.  For the pre-licensure course, 100% attendance is required.  In the case of any medical emergency or unforeseen events, students will be allowed to make up any hours missed at the next available course offering.

2.  Unexpected or unavoidable absence from any portion of a CE class, once started, will result in forfeiture of any fee paid, and result in non-completion of the class.  However, student may, at his or her option, take the complete class, if offered, within 1 year, at no additional fee.

3. No out of class make up work can be done to replace a class. Attendance of re-instruction if required.

School Refund Policy

1.  Any student withdrawing ten (10) business days prior to the starting date for the course will receive a full tuition refund.  If, during the 10 business days preceding the start of the course, an enrollment contract is executed, a full refund will be given only if the student cancels the contract in writing within 72 hours (until midnight of the third day excluding Saturdays, Sundays or Legal Holidays) after the enrollment contract is executed.  All other withdrawals will be refunded on a prorated basis if the withdrawal occurs before 50% of the course is completed.  There shall be no refund if the student withdraws after 50% of the course is completed.

2.  Any student completing the first hour of attendance at any class offered by Results Real Estate Academy shall be considered enrolled.  Certification of attendance shall only be given, however, to those students completing the entire course according to schedule.

3.  A refund shall not be made if the student fails to notify the school in writing as set forth herein, or simply fails to show up for the class.

4.  All refunds shall be made by the school to the student no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the student withdraws or is terminated from the course.  The effective date of the termination shall be the last day of attendance.

5.  A full refund will be given to any student not accepted for enrollment.

6.  A  full refund will be given within 7 days if, for any reason, the school must cancel any scheduled course for which the student has enrolled.

7.  A registration fee not to exceed $95.00 may be retained by the school after the student has attended the first class session.

Satisfactory Progress-Grading System

1.  There is no pass/fail grading system in any of the courses provided.  Students receive a Course Completion Certificate when the required attendance is completed and the student has no indebtedness to Results Real Estate Academy.  Class participation including taking part in discussions, classroom quizzes and exercises are required in order to receive Certificate of Completion.

2.  For the pre-licensure course, it is expected all students will complete their initial course within 6 months of their first class attendance date.  The inability to complete the course in the time frame will result in a failure to obtain the Certificate of Completion.

3.  All classes in the pre-licensure course consist of reading assignments, classroom lecture, and interactive exercises to prepare the student for the State Exam.

Classroom Decorum

1.  Students must turn off all pagers and cell phones.  Outside reading materials or anything other than course materials will not be allowed in any real estate classes.

2.  The classroom is a non-smoking environment; all other tobacco products are prohibited in the class.

Guaranteed Preparation

Results Real Estate Academy offers "Guaranteed Preparation" for all of its pre-licensure students.  The student may retake all or any portion of the class within 90 days after failing the Real Estate exam at no charge when the following criteria have been met:

               a.  The student has completed the entire course in 60 consecutive classroom hours and has been in attendance 100% of the time at each session.  The student must complete all in-class quizzes and the exams.      

​               b. The student must apply to the AREC to take the first available examination offered in Northwest Arkansas after completion of the Results Real Estate Academy course.

              c.  The student must sit for the examination at the first available opportunity as scheduled by the Pearson Vue Testing Service in Springdale.